Eclipse in theaters June 30th

All vampire/werewolf debates aside, fan of the series or not, I think the film soundtracks at least deserve a nod. This could mostly be due to my own biased based on the fact that they feature a surprising number of artist that I particularly enjoy. (If Imogen Heap lands on Breaking Dawn’s soundtrack I give you all advanced permission to start calling me a twihard… although I seriously doubt that will happen ;>)

I have difficulty arguing with a compilation of Metric, BeckBat for Lashes, Muse, Sia, and Florence + The Machine.  One of the reasons I appreciate these soundtracks, aside from the opportunity to get all of these artists in one place, is for their lack of predictability (and I welcome your rebuttal… you know who you are). As mentioned in this review of the soundtrack, given the  subject matter and fan base, one would expect to see bands more like HIM and Evanescence making appearances on these albums. I think the effort not to give these films that sort of tone add (if only a little) credibility to them and gives them (again, if only slightly) a wider range of appeal. I think it was a smart move.

If you’re interested in hearing some of the album, check out the above mentioned review where you can listen to several full tracks from the album.