She is glowing... because all those lights on sparkly top= _glow_

I love Imogen Heap. You have to understand that when I say that I love Imogen Heap, that I’d be willing to go as far as to say she is my favorite musician. That’s saying a lot considering I am hard pressed to name a favorite anything.

I saw Imogen live for the first time a couple of years ago in Austin, at a little venue called Stubb’s . I love small venues and Stubb’s is just my style, laid back, outdoors, cozy. A place were the performance feels intimate and you feel like the evening is a conversation and not a concert.  Experiencing Imogen Heap there was possibly the best show I’ve ever seen… but last night is creeping up on it… and might just surpass it.

I’ll admit, given the size of the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie (lots bigger than Stubb’s) and the fact that this would be the first time I would go to a show by myself, going in I was a little dubious. However, there was something extremely special about being there on my own. I do wish my sister could have been with me, but I’m not entirely sorry I was alone. It was an experience I don’t know quite how to verbalize.

Matthew Andre

First up was Mr. Matthew Andrae, who had been called in especially to do an a capella duet of Earth with Imogen, and be her first opening act. He was a delight to watch perform, his vocals were hopelessly smooth and the duet was flawless at the end of which the audience respond with an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Ben Christophers

Next up was Ben Christophers. I thought he was such a cutie and his music was good too. I was really impressed when his bassist came out and played a xylophone! (What?! I love xylophones!)  The really fun thing about Imogens opening acts is that they all come out and perform as a part of her band through the night, so we got to see more of Ben later in the evening playing guitar and adding vocals for Imogen.

I really love that she does that, it makes the whole experience very fluid and personal, the venue size didn’t even matter, the fact that she came out in various stages of preparation for her own performance, and introduced each act, made you feel cozy somehow.


The last opening act before Imogen was a group called Geese who’s sound I can only describe as haunting, only in a really good sort of way.  Imogen explained in her introduction that the group had toured Europe with her as her strings section and when they would soundcheck people would stop whatever they were doing to listen, which is not at all surprising to me.  After some encouragement, the group put together an EP and are now touring with Imogen.  I wish I had had the opportunity to grab the EP last night at the show because I cannot find it anywhere else. If you get the chance to see these guys, take it! They are brilliant.

The rest of the photos I’m going to put in a slide show so this doesn’t get too much longer. For the rest of my life I will always make an effort to see Imogen when she’s even remotely close to me. The only word I can think of to describe the experience is simply, joyful.

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