Katy Perry and Lady Gaga picture cred to NYdailynews.com

I came across this story this morning while surfing Google news.

Katy Perry, preachers-kid-gone-wild-child, has decided that the religious references in Lady Gaga’s new video launch for single Alejandro  has crossed the line.

The recent video launch features Gaga oscillating between near nakedness and dressed as a latex shrouded nun. This and the frequent use of religious symbols throughout the video inspired a tweet from Katy Perry reading,

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke…”

According to my news search, many sources agree that Miss Gaga is asking for religious backfire. While I do agree that the religious references are disrespectful and will no doubt incite a reaction from The Church (something I’m sure Lady Gaga will welcome with open arms, after all what is that they say? “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”) What I find slightly more disturbing is the combination of a theme reminiscent of Nazi Germany and out right sexual violence and vulgarity, not only in Gaga’s case, but also present in Christina Aguilera’s new album, Bionic.

Album cover artwork for Bionic by Christina Aguilera I cannot imagine a reason that justifies glamorizing such a horrific period in history or acts of extreme violence, but it’s for these reasons more than just the religious disrespect that these artists give me pause.

I can say, without hesitation, that had I a teenage daughter, as a woman I would not be OK with allowing these women to be influencing figures in my child’s life.

As a single, woman of faith who is more than comfortable with my own sexuality, confident in my abilities, and serious about the example I set for other young woman, I can’t find any reason to enjoy this type of “artistic expression”

www.movies.ndtv.com quoted Steven Klein (Alejandro video director) as having said to Rolling Stone Magazine,

“She likes epics. It fits her personality. We combined dance, narrative, and attributes of surrealism. The process was to express Lady Gaga’s desire to reveal her heart and bear her soul…”

The question I leave with you (and invite you to answer) is, just what exactly does this video say to you about Lady Gaga’s heart and soul, and how does that impact the young and impressionable minds of her audience?

Link to the video here.