Since I was introduced to Make Up Forever so very long ago, I have been a diehard fan. I loves me some pigment and Make Up Forever never fails to bring it!

At long last, the new Aqua Cream pigments were launched this week and I had the pleasure of giving them a test drive.

Aqua creams have come in to stand in place of the former individually sold Flash Color pigments. For those less familiar, Flash Color pigments were to Aqua Cream as oil paint is to acrylic. The possibilities with Flash color are endless, if you know how to use them, you can create texture, the pigment is rich, but it comes at a price, and that price is wearability in most cases. It takes a good deal of work to set them, and depending on how they are layered, they will crease on your eyes like nobody’s business. I quite enjoy working with them and hope to, at some point, get the palette, but for many people they aren’t much more than a source of extreme frustration. This is where Aqua Cream steps in and saves the day. It’s a water-proof  cream pigment that dries quickly and does not crease or smudge. Much, much, less work.

Rather than go on and on I’m just going to give you a simple list of pros and cons (as an aside, I’m really off this morning, I just missed my mouth with my coffee cup and poured coffee right down the front of my shirt. No worries though, I’d already had half a cup so the coffee wasn’t too hot.)

Aqua Creams in : 7, 10, & 11, Make Up Forever shadow 92 (purple) and Flash color in white


-The pigment payoff is what you expect from makeup forever.

-Because they dry down quickly, you could use a single color and be done with shadow in minutes.

-Wide color range. Equal parts bright pigment and more neutral shades.

-A little goes a long way, so one pot should last an eternity.


– All colors have shimmer… not TONS but some.

– You have to be careful about how much you apply, if you get too much the result is a lot of texture, and not the interesting kind, the scaley weird kind.

– Because they dry down so quickly, you have to work quickly to blend them.