It’s four minutes past my bedtime and I’m sitting on my front step right now. The night air is warm, but the breeze is just cool enough to make to completely comfortable. This is the type of night I love. I’m always cold, even in the dead of summer, if I’m not outside. Even in this perfect climate I’m wearing a hoodie and pajama pants. People are actually staring at me.

I had to go to the DMV this morning to get my license renewed, it expired in March. Oops.  It’s been ages since I had to actually go into the office , the past couple times I had to renew I did it online. It went much more smoothly that I’d anticipated. People had been filling my head with horror stories about having to go to the DMV here in Dallas, but to my surprise and pleasure it wasn’t that bad at all. The people were relatively friendly (in comparison to other such offices and not with standard niceness that is). The first woman I spoke to gave me the proper forms for my change of address with the instruction, ” Just fill this out and bring my pen back.” The latter obviously being more important to her than the former and not something you were likely to forget given that there were plastic spoons glued to all of her pens. I should have taken a picture. My picture came out horribly, as all self-respecting drivers license pictures should, and I registered to be an organ donor.

I’ll go ahead and tell on myself, the only reason I wasn’t an organ donor already is because when I went in, for the very first time, and filled out that card, I was 16 years old and extremely nervous… and thought that being an organ donor meant that they could come and take my organs at any time.  Of course an hour after I was officially legal to drive and the nervousness had worn off, I realized my mistake and felt like a complete idiot. Since then I’ve either not had to fill out a change in address and forgot about that bit, or I renewed online and it seems like they didn’t offer the option.

Really, I’m only writing to try to wind down. I’ve spent the last several hours doing a bit too much thinking and I need my brain to settle its self. As my left foot has just fallen asleep, I think I’ll get up and make some bedtime tea and read for a bit. Goodnight.