No judgement! This week I didn’t do a full meal for this blog entry. As it turns out, 1 bag of lentils feeds one small person for days. I’ve been making every lentil variation I can imagine, and while I could blog about that, I’ve misplaced my camera and can’t take any interesting pictures… and lentils look rather bland photographed by my phone.

So… this week’s entry is about cookies.

Now before you go thinking that I took the easy way out, it’s important to know that I haven a difficult past with cookies. I love to bake and have a particular talent for cupcakes, but for some reason cookies and I have never gotten along, that’s more my sister, Kristin’s speciality. This was the first batch of cookies I’ve made in literally years.

Monster the mixer =)

I believe I used Betty Crocker’s recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies… I googled it, because oatmeal seems to be pretty standard.

You have butter, brown sugar, vanilla (which I left out) flour, baking soda, eggs, oats, chocolate chips, and pinch of salt.

Seems simple right? Everything seemed to be going pretty well… and I have to say that the dough is almost worth just keeping in the fridge and not even baking. It was pretty tastey!

So I did everything according to the recipe and I thought I spaced my cookies out far enough, apparently oatmeal cookies need a lot of room to spread, but I was careful to make them all even and everything! And yet, when I pulled the first batch out of the oven, it looked almost as if I’d made an oatmeal cookie cake instead of just cookies (hmmm oatmeal cooking cake).

cookies!So, as you can see, all of the cookies are touching, and then there’s the cookie with the giant hole in it… I maimed that one pulling them out of the oven.

The next batch I put half as many cookies on the tray and that fixed the cookie touching problem. What I want to know, though, is how in the world do you keep these cookies from being so flat?

I’ve had oatmeal cookies before that were chewy and thicker, and not that these weren’t very tasty (they were quite a hit at work), but they were a bit on the crunchier side… not ridiculously crunchy, just a little. They were really thin though, so how do you get them thicker? I honestly don’t have a clue.

poor cookie

The one with the hole. I had to eat it right away to spare it the humiliation of being boxed up with the better looking cookies.