I know this is coming a bit late… sorry… today I baked cookies for the first time and that took over my entire afternoon (more about that on Wednesday).

This week I’m pulling an “Oh no you dih ent!” moment on yours truly, me myself and I. Rest assured this will not happen often, but let it be known from this point forward during these Friday posts that I’m not a hypocrite and am willing to call myself out when necessary.  So here we go…

I spent the entirety of yesterday afternoon… looking up hip hop dance how to videos on YouTube and upon finding the video featured below, attempted to follow it until I memorized the whole dance.

Don’t go getting your hopes up, I may be humble enough to call myself out, but I’m not so humble as to be willing to make myself the laughing stock of the entire internet. There will be no video footage of me dancing (much to my baby sisters dismay), and personal performances will be limited to very specific circumstances, to which the appropriate parties have been made aware.

However, I will provide the video I was dancing with so that you too might make yourself a fool on an afternoon you have an hour to spare.

Also, in closing I would like to mention that on the same day I willingly broke every muscle in my body trying to do hip hop, I also successfully mooned a good portion of the Skillman/Abrams Dallas area. Appreciation can be sent to My Skirt and The Wind.