I’m starting something new on Friday’s… and I realize that this is not Friday, but yesterday I was actually out of the house a lot and so I am putting it in now, and I assure you that next Friday it will be on time!

The new thing that I’m starting that will be on time next week is a Friday blog entitled “oh no you dih ent!” in which I’m going to post things I’ve over heard, seen, or have taken pictures of during the week, and I’d like to invite you all in on the fun! Over on the side bar, to the left and at the time is a little blurb to help remind you, email with any random things you over hear, a description of something weird or funny that you saw, or pictures and I will include it (with credit to you, of course) in my next “oh no you dih ent!” post.

This week, because I came upon the idea for this on Wednesday, is going to be rather short, but fear not, in no time I will have lots of content for this juicy post!

For this week we have….

– Guy: “I love you”

Girl: “I love you too, but don’t let that man touch my hair. OK?”

Over heard in line at a department store.

– Old Lady #1: “So how much do I owe you for the Gaga Tickets?”

Old Lady #2: “Oh about $250.”

Over heard by a coworker out in the mall.

– Brunette gesturing towards facial product: “This stuff will make you white, like… right away!”

Blonde: nods and appears to look skeptical.

Over heard in The Body Shop

And last, because I can’t find the picture I was looking for…

-Man at stop light: ” werasdfw2IO&_*&!!!!!!”… which is about all I could make out because whoever he was “speaking” to on the phone was getting an earful about -something- he was yelling so loud his face was turning purple.

Over heard from the patio of Chipotle.

I know this first post is kind of lame, but don’t worry… it’s going somewhere. =)