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I have a very good friend who happens to be male and we have an ongoing conversation about the differences between the way men and women think… or rather I should say he’s constantly decoding guy-speak for me.

I can say without shame and with confidence that I fail to boast in other areas that I do not understand men.  I don’t even understand myself half of the time, like right now for example, I feel all out of sorts and I don’t really know why. Men might as well be from another planet as far as I am concerned.

This morning I read an article on a webpage I can’t remember the name of now that was titled 10 things guys wish girls knew. Aside from the fact that it sounded to me like a girl wrote it, the only thing I can remember from the list was that apparently guys wish we knew that we looked better without “all that makeup”. You can (hopefully) understand why, considering my profession, I feel more than a little defensive when it comes to a statement like that, but more than offended or defensive, I feel confused. I feel confused because I’ve also heard complaints from men about how some women just don’t take care of themselves or fix themselves up the way they should.

I’m also confused because all of these celebrity women that guys idolize are covered in makeup. Does this mean that you guys just don’t want girls you might actually have a shot with to have makeup on? Is makeup a romance roadblock?

So, in order to clear my own head (maybe) I want to run a poll, the first question is directed towards girls and the second towards the gentlemen (as I’m not sure how many guys actually read here, I’d appreciate it if you ladies would direct your guy friends towards the link) and we shall see for ourselves…

For the ladies…

…and the fellas