Things were a little slow in Galleria Dallas mall today, but I have several things to cover, so it might take a couple of blog posts actually.

Stila's Sarah Lucero with lovely model Theresa

Stila stuck it out until the very end with Beauty Live (as did Temptu) and during this last session taught audience members how to get a flawless complexion look, and how to create the perfect cat eye!

At this point it’s probably no secret that I’m a big fan of Sarah Lucero, I really admire her work. Here are a few tips and tricks I gathered from this finale demonstration:

1.) Stila’s One Step Foundation is a great way to modernize your minerals! Mineral

Lovely Theresa modeling the One Step Foundation, Stila's talking Cat Eye Palette, Convertible cheek color in Peony, and a mixture of Peony and Stila Kajal pencil in Topaz on her lips.

makeup has been taking a backseat, while HD complexion products have taken center stage and are in high demand. With Stila’s One Step Foundation you get the best of both worlds, HD quality made with 100% mineral pigment! What more could a girl ask for? Oh wait, how about primer, concealer and powder as well, all in one easy step? OK, why not! For once we get to have our cake and eat it too, your One Step Foundation really is just one step, it does it all!

Sarah’s application tip: Start your foundation application in the center of your face and only cover what you have to. Blend out until there’s almost no product at the hair and jawline in order to avoid that dreaded makeup line.

2.) To open up smaller eyes, Sarah recommends using a light, shimmery shadow across the lash line and up to the crease, then apply a light contour shade while your eyes is open with a flat brush, just above your natural crease.

The Cat Eye

3.) For the perfect cat eye, try using a liquid liner with a felt tip, such as Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof  Eye Liner. It glides on making that little wing easy to achieve! When starting the wing, Sarah’s approach is to start slanting the wing about 2-3 lashes away from the outer corner of your eye.

This is the true definition of "Natural Makeup"

Next up we have… well, my face.  This, ladies and gentlemen is “natural makeup” courtesy of Pro Beauty Team memeber Emily Massa.  That’s right, there’s makeup on my face!

Emily was kind enough to let me be her model for the last Sephora demonstration of the day at Beauty Live. This face was actually in preparation for a “day to night” session, that was unfortunately canceled at the last minute.  The silver lining was that I not only got some one on one time with one of Sephora’s Pros, but I learned a trick that will change the way I do my makeup for the rest of my life!

Emily used only 3 products on my face to get this perfectly even, natural, blemished covered look, which I will be more than glad to share with you!

First, she applied Givenchy’s Mister Light pen under my eyes, in the inner corner of my eyes, a little around my nose, forehead, laugh lines, and chin and blended out. Mister Light is a super soft, light reflecting, concealer, highlighter, multi-purpose wonder!

The next step was to set the concealer, Emily used Stila’s illuminating pressed powder.  Using a big brush, she dusted just enough of the powder onto the concealer to set it in place.

Last, she shaped my brows with Make Up Forever’s brow enhancing pencils and Viola! It’s the perfect natural canvas, use it as a starting place to build a full face on, or rock it on it’s own, either way it’s lovely and comfortable. Au Revoir!