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I don’t believe I have mentioned that, so let me take just a moment to do so. Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion is the best thing I’ve EVER put on my feet.

It takes a lot for me to say something is the best, but with this particular product, I’m telling you, there’s no question.

If you click the link above, pay not attention to the little man behind the curtain… I mean to the picture in the corner. Apparently Lush is doing some work on their site and currently the picture featured in Fair Trade’s spot is the volcano foot mask. If you purchase Fair Trade Foot Lotion, what you’re signing on for is a trip to foot heaven. It’s a creamy pink, smells minty, but not so minty that it kind of makes you want to gag. It’s a clean, soft, refreshing mint. The texture of the lotion is smooth and silky, and the moment you get it on your skin you know that you are going to have a long, happy relationship with this lotion.

My feet looked a 110% more beautiful after only one use. It makes your skin look soft, healthy, and almost gives it a glow. You find yourself thinking, “yeah, I could be a foot model…” It’s a wonderful experience and one that I think everyone should have.

I know that I am always skeptical of raving reviews like this one, so I encourage you to see for yourself, go into a Lush near you and ask for a sample and then come and tell me that I’m right. =)