Last week, as I believe I mentioned, was my first actual visit to a Lush store. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to hop on the Lush band wagon, but I’m certainly happy that I’ve found my way aboard.

I’ve heard lots of good things about Lush for years now, but because I’m absolutely the most impatient person in the world and there wasn’t a Lush store available to me in Austin, I never bothered doing anything more than casually browsing the Lush website… that is until I had an unfortunate encounter with a shampoo who shall remain nameless (*PhytoDensium).  Apparently I had an allergy to something in the shampoo and as a result I had a torn up scalp and was breaking out all over my neck, not cool. Not cool at all.

After searching my store for something to help my scalp and hair and coming up empty handed, in an act of desperation I scoured the Lush website for something that would help, and surprise, surprise, that did in fact have something that would address my problem.  A week later my Recon scalp treatment arrived in the mail and it’s been love ever since.  That treatment saved my hair!

I knew there was a Lush store in NorthPark mall here in Dallas, and I had grand plans of going in and making myself at home, but to my great pleasure, I found that I didn’t have to go all the way to another mall. Just across the way and up one floor from my store in Galleria Dallas mall, is a bright shiny Lush store I can visit whenever I want!

As soon as I discovered it, I went straight over after work, and I have to say that the experience really sealed the deal. I walked in ready to head straight for the bar shampoos, but having never been in an actual store before I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of bright color, glitter, and wonderful smells. I stopped dead in my tracks and suddenly didn’t know which direction I wanted to go first. A very kind sales associate approached me at that point and asked if I needed any help. She mentioned that  when I came in I looked like I was on a mission, but now I seemed a little confused. When I explained that I’d never been in a store before she got right to work aquainting me with the the products, recommended a shampoo bar for my hair type, and was generally just awesome.

After my shampoo needs were met, and the first lady I spoke to was wrapping up my selections, her manager came over and walked me through the rest of the store. She also demoed the “soft hands treatment” on me… all of which I will eventually be purchasing because my hands have never felt so amazing… ever.

In the end I came out with all of this stuff… (not featured is the Seanik solid shampoo and sample of the Jungle solid conditioner because both are in my shower). I purchased the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes packaged that came with the solid shampoo of my choice, a vitamin c toner tab, a mask sample of my choice, moisturizer sample of my choice, mini sugar scrub, mini each peach massage bar, handy gurugu sample, lemony flutter sample, and fair trade foot lotion sample.  On top of that I got two bath bombs, of which I forget the names, and two bubble bars… names also forgotten. Once I really get to use them ( I used half of the big pink bubble bar last night, but as I still have a cold and couldn’t smell it, I feel as though I missed half of the experience and am thus not ready to give my account) I’ll get the names and everything down.

For the time being I’m content to tell you that the solid shampoos are my new obsession. Not only do I really appreciate not having to fuss with a bottle, and am happy that not having one is better for the planet anyway, my hair feels and smells FANTASTIC! I have really fine, straight, hair and the Seanik bar makes it soft , shiny, and bouncy. It foams right up and you get a full lather without having even used that much, and it leaves me hair feeling clean and soft even while it’s wet!

The Jungle solid condition is really kind of a miracle in my hair. I wasn’t sure, at first, how I was going to like it. My hair tangles really easily, and while it’s very fine, I usually have to condition it pretty well in order to keep it manageable. This requires a very delicate balance because if I get the slightest bit too much it weighs my hair down horribly. The first time I used the Jungle conditioner I was afraid it wasn’t going to be a win for my hair because my hair didn’t have that just conditioned slip to it that most of the cream conditioners I’ve used in the past give it. After towel drying my hair, with some trepidation I went to comb it out, expecting tangles and pulling, but to my surprise found it easy to manage with out the heavy conditioned feel, and it was wonderfully soft even after blow drying!

So all in all I can pretty much say that I love Lush and definitely recommend it… which most of you probably already know. =)

PS…. I thought I should also mention that the price point on Lush products are really good considering the quality. I would definitely spend more if I had to to purchase the things I’ve tried so far, and it’s really nice that they are really affordable.

*On the PhytoDensium… My skin is a weird type of sensitive. I’ve never worn a makeup that broke me out, my skin has no trouble with oil, or breaking out in general, but for some reason skin and hair care products that are too active are a problem for my skin. Phyto is a really good line, so don’t let my bad experience make your decision for you if you’re considering a Phyto product, I would just recommend sampling before you invest.