I started today off on the wrong foot, not feeling well, and generally in a bad mood. However, thanks to some gentle guidance, I think I managed to turn it around… at least for the last half of the day.

The weather really has been working on my mood lately, there’s been so much overcast, dark sky, so much rain. Normally I find it kind of cozy and comforting, but having had so much of it this winter, I miss the sun. I need sun light in my life! It seems that a quiet conversation and a little light was all I needed to really work things out…

And when the sun did make it’s appearance this afternoon, I got to witness the loveliest double rainbow. My camera doesn’t really do it justice. I stood on my front step and watched it until it was gone, to the curiosity of my neighbors. Maybe people don’t pause for rainbows in Dallas, I don’t know, but this one was enough, coupled with the beckoning light to get me to leave my house today. Have no fear, the blindingly yellow building in that photo isn’t my complex. It’s the one next door… where they make it a nightly habit of having parking lot parties.

I found my way to a park… I just wanted to spend a little time in some fresh air and it wasn’t raining any more so it was the perfect time, everything looked fresh and clean in the fading light of the setting sun. Back behind these trees was a church… I saw it from the road on my way to the park, but somehow when I tried to find it on my way out I couldn’t.  There was organ music coming from the church, so I sat on a rock and listened and watched the sun disappear… or almost disappear. I wasn’t quite at ease enough to be caught in a park alone after dark.

It was really peaceful and I’m so glad I went. I don’t understand my need to be outside, but it really has a powerful effect over my mood. Working so much really limits the amount of time I get, but I’m going to make a bigger effort in the future to get out into the fresh air.  It was a really nice quiet time.

After I finished park-exploring, I spotted a TCBY on my way home… I haven’t been there in years so I decided to stop for a “little” snack before dinner… which is cheating, I know, but you can’t very well save an ice cream cone for later!

It was a lot bigger than I had anticipated it being. I’ll tell you a little known secret about me and ice cream cones though. I love waffle cones… but when I eat them, I eat the ice cream down to the top of the cone, then slip the cone out of it’s wrapper and eat the pointy part at the bottom, it’s the best part. By the time you’ve eaten the top of the ice cream, the inside of the point is kind of soft, and the outside is still crunchy and you get the perfect combination of cone and ice cream. Anyway, after the point is gone, I just throw the middle away.  Oh yeah, and this particular cone had white chocolate mousse and gummie bears in it.

After the ice cream I made dinner… which I would love to go into detail about, but I’m just about ready for bed, so instead I’ll leave you with a picture of the end result. =)

The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I could actually taste it. Having a cold is still making me a little grumpy, but maybe I’ll feel better in the morning, and I have left overs so I can try to taste it again tomorrow. I have a feeling it tasted REALLY good.

Goodnight everyone. Let’s all hope tomorrow is a better day.