Maybe after the first week… or the first month… yeah, anyway.

So yesterday was a great day for the most part. I’m really starting to feel like I belong in my new store, and my new co-workers are so friendly and inviting! I already feel like I’m a part of the crew.

On the home front I’m settling in pretty well, in spite of the fact that my bathroom is still having issues. First it was the toilet, then that led to the discovery that there was no water in the shower. When the shower finally got fixed all was good, until yesterday when I realized that there’s a constant leak from the tub faucet, and then that the bathtub stopper doesn’t work. It’s really frustrating.

I was all prepared to muscle through the stopper problem. I grabbed my pink tools and took out the ones that I could only assume would work somehow to fix the stopper. But in the end  it’s missing a piece, so I did what any determined girl would do, and I stuffed a wash cloth in the drain and took a bath with my yummy bath bomb anyway. Let’s hear it for innovation!

Backing up and speaking of work again, yesterday I had my first celebrity client which was kind of cool. Cool for me at least as it’s no secret that I love watching The Bachelor.  I don’t know what it is about that show, especially considering that I have some very strong opinions on “falling in love”, but I love it and I watch every season and giggle my way through all of the cat fights and gooey love stuff.

Anyway,  when Melissa Rycroft (former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in addition to Bachelor contestant, and current co-host on Dancing with the Stars) walked into my store I totally had a mini heart attack and wanted to squeal with glee. You can all relax though, I kept my cool… I had to, I was in the presence of a celebrity wearing a drag queen’s share of glitter and a pink wig, there was NO WAY I was going to make donkey of myself on top of that!

I sold her eye lashes and it was pretty cool. It’s kind of funny because while she’s not like a super celebrity or anything, I still never think about people like her going out and buying lashes. Weird.

I’m hoping that today is an equally entertaining day and that nothing else in the bathroom breaks! I do promise that today there will be pink wig pictures, I’ve just been so sick of the wig by the time I get home that I can’t stand the thought of putting it back on.