Galleria Dallas... the mall of doom.

I cannot begin to even describe my feelings about working in a mall to begin with ( a first for me), but this mall is ridiculous. It’s huge. I’m going to spare myself the embarrassment (maybe) and NOT explain how terrified of the parking garages I was, how absolutely hysterical I must have looked driving granny style, peeking over my steering wheel in horror just hoping I made it to shift into park in one piece. Also I will NOT explain how stupid I felt getting lost in the mall after hours trying to find my way out and back into that parking garage of terror. =)  Otherwise, the day went relatively smoothly. As smoothly as a first day can I would assume…

Shelby, super niece and chef in training

I got to start the day with this smiling face. Shelby and I made Kirby Lane applewheat pancakes together( thanks to my loving sister Kristin who sent me a care package including way more bottles of my favorite sparkiling water that I can’t get here, pancake mix and assorted other goodies.) Shelby is an excellent stirrer, and I am a very poor pancake maker, but between the two of us we did alright. After pancakes I put on my face… and headed to the new Land of Makeup. It’s so different than my old store, but the people seem nice, I have hope of being able to feel like I belong after a while. It’s always rough to walk in a place and see the connection between existing employees and feel left out of that.

Anyway, so went the 3rd day… all is well, I haven’t fallen apart!