I’m not really sure what that title is about, I just felt the need to bring Nelly into this post.

So I’m in dallas all by my lonesome self, well not totally alone as I have a few friends here who are putting in their fair share of time being moral support and all of that, but wow, I was not prepared for the tidal wave of emotion that making such a huge change would bring.

At this point I’m mostly unpacked… I just have the bathroom left to do and right now there’s a strange man in there snaking my toilet. That’s right, I’ve only been here a couple of days and already having issues. Oh well, things happen. I am a little concerned about the amount of time he’s been in there and the noises that are being produced as a result. It sounds a bit like he’s going head to head with some sort of sea monster… and by the sound of it, the monster seems to be winning.

This last 24 hours have been really rough, a new kind of rough than I’ve experienced in the past; rough for the right reasons and not due to consequences. I’ve made my fair share of bad choices in my short 29 years on this planet, and as a result have lived through some hard lessons and very painful times in my life. However this rough time is completely different. This change is proactive, instead of a reaction. This change, ultimately, I believe is for the better… even though right now there are parts of it that are very painful.

To say that I’m homesick doesn’t even begin to cover it… there are parts of me that ache so deeply over leaving that I struggle to even give them attention in this post, they’re just too tender to talk about, to even think about for more than 30 seconds at a time.

The hope that I have right now is that by throwing myself out here, it’s going to put me into a position to really let God move in my life. I hope that this miniscule amount of courage that I have, that one tiny grain of sand that I’m holding onto for dear life, will grow, and that as a result I’ll grow too.

So, here I am, in Dallas… clogged toilet and all, and it’s going to be ok, even if I cry for a while. ¬†Apartment pictures to come…