DDF Sulfur mask

I look like this right now, and I’m trying to eat lasagna. As you can see the cracks in my face, you can probably imagine the way this mask feels and how difficult opening my mouth to eat this stuff is. This is the therapeutic sulfur mask from DDF and I’m using it to try to help repair the damage a recent run in with a natural shampoo that included an ingredient that I didn’t know I was allergic to did to my skin. I’ve also got a treatment on my scalp at the moment to address the damaged done to it by previously mentioned shampoo.

I know it’s late, and I should be in bed, but I came home in a state this evening, I don’t know, I think all of the change and all of the busy-ness is catching up to me (I move in two weeks, less than actually… ugh) and I was just having a little bit of a breakdown. I was hungary and there was lasagna, so I decided to forgo a leap straight into bed, just for this one night, and try to take control of the skin/scalp issue, eat some cheese, and chill out. So far, so good!

I have a list of blog entries to make, but they’re all going to wait until after the move, for the time being, I just have too much on my mind to sit down and write anything on a specific topic right now, so instead these random updates will have to do until things settle down just a little bit.

At this point this mask is beginning to feel uncomfortable, so I think I’m going to hop into the shower and wash it all off…

So now I look like this…

Sulfur successfully washed off!

So here’s the blow by blow on what I just did to my face (because I feel like writing it all down). First I removed my eye makeup with a makeup removing wipe. I use the Sephora brand ones because they are inexpensive and they work. Then I used the Clearsonic Mia facial brush and Caudalie gentle cleanser to really clean my face and neck. Next I put on the sulfur mask and Carol’s Daughter Tui hair oil and let them both sit for about 45 minutes. I’m pretty sure the mask only requires about 15, but because I had to shower to get the stuff out of my hair and I needed to have time to help my scalp, I just left them both on. After my shower I finished my face off with Derma Dr Wrinkle Revenge moisturizer and eye cream Ta DA!

I guess I should explain the shampoo catastrophe… I recently bought a natural shampoo and conditioner that apparently was a little too aggressive for my skin. It tore my scalp up, we’re talking open wounds here, and broke out my hairline, jaw line, and neck.  I -never- break out (sorry guys, I know I’m a lucky one) so I was freaking out a little bit. Once I figured out it was the shampoo and conditioner and quit using them things seem to have calmed down, I just want to make sure we’re done with that, and my scalp is still healing.

Anyway, good night people.