See my little car out in the rain...

A little blurb of an update from the cozy corner of a Target Starbucks. Not my Starbucks of choice, but I had to run an errand and it just so happened that there’s an Archer Farms salad here that I really do enjoy, so I’m having a bite at a little bar and watching it rain.  The salad is called a  a “California Grilled Chicken Salad” and comes with big dried raisins, walnuts, and some sort of peppery, tangy, creamy, dressing. Oh and feta, let’s not leave out the feta… which I normally don’t get too excited about, but somehow works under these conditions

Salad mmmmmmm...

So apartment hunting went well… I went with the first apartment I saw, which I may have already said, and which I was kind of expecting because I did quite a bit of a research to begin with and it already met all of my qualifications. Anyway, I am not so good at searching when it comes to that, by the time we saw the second place I was already pretty much done. If it were simple, if people would be OK with me walking in, around, and then walking out with my estimation of the place, that would be one thing. But with each stop you have to be sold on the property, and maybe that’s a big deal for some, but I’m not the type of girl who’s going to end up inviting friends over to play with the 4ft chess set on the greens. I want to know about security, about kitchens, and closet space.

Besides all of that mess, I feel like it went pretty smoothly, now if all of the rest of it could just move along at the same calm, easy, pace, I would be able to feel triumphant about this move instead of a frazzled mess. I’m not posting picture of the place yet because I’m scared of jinxing it… and no, I’m not really -that- worried, but I don’t know, I don’t want to show pictures until my stuff is in there.

In other news, I think I may fall in love with Lush . I don’t know why it’s taken me, product junkie that I am, so long to jump on this band wagon, but what can I say. I made an order and if the products work only half as well as they are supposed to I will be thrilled. When I get the stuff I’ll update about what I ordered and how I liked it… although I have to say, I honestly don’t even feel worthy to review something from Lush… they seem to have such a hardcore following already that a review from me would seem like some kind of blasphamy… or something.