Once again I’m sitting in Starbucks with not nearly as much time as I’d like to have to write, I should really start writing at home instead of on my lunch breaks, but lately home is a place to crash and stop thinking. I think I’m at my best mid-afternoon.

I’m having an off day today and I’m not really sure why… especially given that I’m having a fabulous hair day. Usually good hair days are a sign of easy sailing, but today I’m beginning to think that the heat of my blow dryer somehow negatively impacted my mental functions. This morning I responded to someone speaking to me through my headset by speaking into a bottle of perfume I was holding. Crazy much?

On a completely different note, CVS/Beauty360 has come to my attention and manage to inspire my curiosity.  If you haven’t heard about this new CVS launch (which wouldn’t be surprising because there are -very- few locations at this point), here’s a little blurb from their press release…

WOONSOCKET, RI (November 3, 2008) — CVS/pharmacy announces the launch of Beauty 360™, an innovative store concept designed to change the way women shop for prestige beauty. The unique concept offers an upscale shopping destination for the multi-faceted, time-starved woman. Beauty 360 uses an experiential model of selling that is heavily focused on service and is conveniently located right in our customer’s neighborhood.

Beauty 360 will feature a wide range of prestige and niche beauty brands from the skincare, cosmetics, men’s grooming and fragrance categories. Differentiating the stores from other beauty retailers, Beauty 360 will be staffed with trained and licensed professionals offering a unique suite of brand-specific signature services including mini-manicures, express facials, hand massages and make-up application. Beauty 360 Beauty Consultants receive extensive training across all categories and brands, ensuring customers a superior shopping experience.

It will be really interesting to see how the stores do… If they take off the way I anticipate, I have a feeling that they will take a leap right over Ulta, and be Sephora’s next big competition, but the only way that that will ever even be possible is if they really do become as local as it sounds like that intend to be (“Beauty 360 uses an experiential model of selling that is heavily focused on service and is conveniently located right in our customer’s neighborhood.”)

If you visit www.beauty360.com you can look at pictures of the stores and this is the part that really appeals to me. It looks very appropriate for prestige lines, but isn’t so professional that it becomes intimidating. It’s modern and fun. In the mean time, enjoy a picture of my cute hair.

Ok, it's way cuter in person.