WHOA… there are about five different things I want to talk about all at once, but right now I’m being totally distracted by the two older gentlemen sitting to my left in Starbucks.  Both, coincidentally, are wearing red jackets, both look like perfectly respectable older men, but one has a diamond earring in his right earlobe; which isn’t to put into question his respectability, nor is it, in and of itself so terribly distracting, it’s just that lately I’ve been noticing a lot of older (elderly even) men with earrings. I started wondering if it was going to bring me to a rant similar to the one here, but after considering it a while it seems completely different for some reason.

I have about 20 minutes left of my lunch break and I want to get a couple of things out before I forget.

1.) I think I’ve mastered the art of Flash Color! If you don’t know what
Flash Color by Make Up Forever is than you’re missing out on a lot of fun and awesome pigmentation. WOOHOO! Thank you to my friend and coworker, Jill, for reminding me how much fun Flash Color can be and for pioneering the practical use of it on a daily basis. Without her in field research, I would be up crease creek without a blending brush! It’s lovely and there will definitely be more of it to come.

2.) Packing sucks, I haven’t really even started yet and already I’m tired of it.

3.) My coworker, Maria, asked me yesterday if it’s true that to go clubbing in Dallas you have to have big makeup and big hair. I was at a loss trying to answer her. I have no idea. But if it is true, I’m at least in trouble by half because there’s absolutely no amount of teasing and/or hair spray that will give me big hair.