I wanted to write something this morning, mostly as a way to trick my brain into beginning to function, it’s groggy and slow due to allergies (thank you cedar, I appreciate it). However, given it’s grogginess (wow, grogginess is a word, I didn’t think it would be), I’ve had trouble trying to think of what to write, so I finally gave up trying to pick a subject and decided just to wing it. You’ll forgive me if this is completely random. =)

I did a google image search for the word ‘allergies’ and found this little gem of a picture (to the left, to the left). Just looking at it makes me want to sneeze. The title of the picture is “allergy spore”… doesn’t it just sound evil?  This is, apparently, who I have to blame for the fact that I can’t breath and I’m all red and puffy. Thanks spore, thanks a million.

What really makes this an even happier time for me is that at work we’re focusing on skin this month… that’s right, I’m supposed to be setting an example of what well taken care of skin looks like, and the elements are  waging war against me.  In all honestly though, it’s just as well, my skin doesn’t feel much like being piled over with makeup. And trust me, as a makeup artist, I can tell you with complete confidence that there is nothing, let me repeat, nothing, makeup-wise, that will completely cancel out jacked up skin. The more you try to cover it, the more gnarly it looks.  Treat and perfect, my friends, that is the way to tackle the problem.

This morning my treatment of choice is the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss.

What a mouthful… anyway, what I like about this mask is that you really do see an immediate result. It does exactly what it’s ridiculously long name suggests, it instantly energizes your skin and gives you a healthy radiance.  It basically makes your skin look awake even when you are not, which is the case with me at the moment. This is a mask you most definitely want to use in the day time, your healthy glowing skin will be wasted in your sleep… you, know unless you are trying to impress someone before you go to bed, and then by all means please feel free. This mask is not going to get rid of my red-and-puffy-problem, but honestly, nothing is going to get rid of that when I have to sneeze and blow my nose ever 5 minutes. C’mon people realistic expectations from your products people. Which reminds me…

C’mon… have realistic expectations of your products people. Working in retail, one of the things that is the most frustrating for me is having people return things and tell me ” this just didn’t work at all”. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to have the option available for people to return things, I think it’s fantastic, and I also realize that there are going to be some products that just don’t work for certain people, or on certain skins, but I would be willing to say that 95% of the people who say something doesn’t work have unrealistic expectations.

For a product to work, you have to first use it. That’s right… the bottle isn’t going to walk to your sink every morning and massage itself into your face.  If it says, “for best results use twice a day” then it’s in your best interest to use it twice a day. If you expect a concealer to conceal then you have to take it upon yourself to learn how to apply it (this specifically means don’t rub it in like it’s an eye cream). The point is, the product is only as consistent as it’s user. If you’re not committed to following the instructions, and giving the product time, the please, save yourself the money and me the headache.

Peace out.

*Edit: Since writing this post I’ve been told by my favorite Starbucks employees that I sound terrible and should get an allergy shot. Ugh.