I’m moving to Dallas. This blog’s about to get interesting.  I’ve accepted a new position at work and so my and all of my 10 tons of makeup are picking up and taking ourselves to the Big D. I’m excited, terrified, sad, happy, on the verge of a panic attack.  It’s a good thing though. A very good thing.

Yesterday I was more calm than I am right now… yesterday I believed I had a little over 2 months to find a place to live, to get packed, to have a birthday-woo-hoo-I’m-kicking-off-turning-29-by-moving-to-a-new-city/ house warming party. However, this morning I found out I’m going to have about half the time I thought I was going to. Today’s been about taking a lot of deep breaths, I can do this, right?

Fortunately for me, I have Kristin and Brooke helping me with all of the details, honestly they’re more on top of this than I am.  These girls have attacked this move like they’re planning my bridal shower. Tonight Kristin escorted me to Super Target in order to create a gift registery for my big birthday/going away/house warming party… which they’ve moved up in order to fit my new schedule. They’re awesome. =)

I’m a big ball of all sorts of different kinds of emotions, and I’m afraid for the next couple of months I’m going to be all over the place. I have hours where I just want to cry and then I am freaked out that I just don’t have time to get everything in order, and then I’m just really excited.

I’m going to be counting on this blog a lot for a way to explore all of the new things, and for company too, as weird as that may sound. I do plan on making friends, but this will be the furthest I’ll have ever lived from my family, so I’m going to need things to keep me busy and so the blog is going to get a lot of action, I can tell you that.

A few things about my Target gift registry experience… the little beeping scan gun is addictive. Somehow it’s like shopping with no spending limit… except for the part where you go home and don’t have any of the stuff yet. It was lots of fun though and I feel like I got most of the things I need covered. Which brings me to the other thing… did you know that they make girl-friendly tool sets?! They’re even pink! Spare me the eye rolls… I’m that type of girl. I want pink tools, I feel better about having to have tools because they’re pink!

Stay tuned… more to come.