Finally getting around to the big glitter post! I had hoped that I would have a better camera before I wrote this post so that I could take some decent pictures of the glitter in action, unfortunately, however, I haven’t gotten one yet. I’m still shopping. I got introduced to digital slr and it makes everything else I’ve looked at seem weak, but of course thats quite an investment, so I have to do some research before I settle on one.

So… I sent messages to a couple of different moderately priced online glitter companies asking about how their glitters are made and where they are manufactured.  Angelica Rosales of responded with product information and she sent me samples… of every glitter they sell.

Being the glitter-lover that I am, it was like Christmas! Glitter in every color imaginable and generous samples so I would have more than enough to experiment with. My original plan was to try as many of these glitters as I could during the month of December and then write about the ones that are my favorite, but the trouble is that I love them all so much it would make for a really long post. Instead I think I’ll let the glitter speak for its self and post pictures.  If you’re in the market for cosmetic glitters, I highly recommend for inexpensive, high-quality, glitter. Honestly, a good many of the glitters I’ve tried from my selection of samples so far have performed better than some of the more expensive glitters I’ve tried.  The only caution I can give, when selecting colors, is that the neon colors are opaque and pretty intense. They tend to be more about high impact color than about reflection so you don’t get quite as much of a sparkle effect, which is totally fine, but something you should be prepared for. On the flip side, if you’re looking for something highly reflective, you should definitely check out the Reflects Powder. It’s one of the best glitters I’ve ever used, hands down. Most glitters are made of plastic polymers, however, the Reflects Powder is made of freeze-dried calcium and it sparkles like diamonds! It’s gorgeous, I absolutely love it! (pictures will be posted at the bottom of this post)

In March I’ll be turning 29… and I have mixed feelings about it. I can remember very clearly being around the age of 11, playing in the backyard of my family’s home and thinking about how when I was 16 I would get a car (in my mind it was a pink convertible), then by 18 I would be married to my night in shining armor, and by 20 we’d have a couple kids and that would be that. 29 didn’t even exist when I was 11… it was like thinking of eternity or where the universe ends, it was out there somewhere, but it was so far away there wasn’t t any point in imagining it. And now here I am, staring it right in the face from the distance of only  2 months and 11 days, and I’m single, have no children, or convertible for that matter ;>.

Thankfully my life’s ambitions did grow and change to some degree… not to say that I outgrew my desire to marry and have children and that sort of thing (though somehow I look in wonder at the mother’s around me and wonder how I could ever manage it), but reality eventually made me realize that a car is a lot of work, but a lot less work than a relationship that could have the potential to produce children and I was not anywhere near ready for the later at 16, 18, or 20.

I’ve been through stages where I really moaned about being single, and then I’ve dated and moaned about bad relationships or relationships that didn’t go anywhere. And then I watched 2 younger sisters get married, and let me tell you… even for not being in one of those moaning about being single stages during either weddings, it was still a challenge. Have you ever seen the awkward moments in movies where at the wedding of a younger sister, the single, unfortunate, older sister is subjected to humiliating comments from relatives about how difficult it must be to watch a younger sister get married first? Well I can tell you from personal experience that that’s not something that just happens in the movies! I’ve heard it all… even at my cousin’s wedding I had a family member tell me that if I didn’t hurry up I’d have them all coming it my wedding in wheelchairs and walkers. Things like that make it rather challenging to avoid getting a complex about things.

At this point, while being in a committed relationship would be nice, I’m not really concerned about those landmarks as far as my age goes. Mostly it just feels weird to be coming to this place that I never took time to stop and imagine, because I assumed by this point I would have life figured out. Ha!

This past week has seemed determined to make me feel old… it started with a random conversation with my dad in which he mentioned something about “11 years from now when you’re 40” and my heart stopped for half a second. And then on New Years Eve I went to the store to buy champagne and the early 20-something girl who helped me didn’t card me. I always get carded! I found myself panicked that I might be starting to look my age. Then to top it all off… somehow, and I’m still not sure how, I hurt my back. I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday and it was achy. Sunday morning I decided that I would take care of it by working and stretching it out with some Pilates and light weight lifting. Wrong. At 3 o’clock this morning I woke up in so much pain, I couldn’t comfortable, and today I’ve had the pleasure of barely being able to move, bend over, or lift anything.

On to the pictures…