A cold front is blowing in and the wind is howling and making all kinds of creepy noises that are anything but sleep inducing. I’ve been laying in bed pouring over some magazines that I haven’t had the time for in the past couple of days, but can now indulge in thanks to my Christmas freedom.

I’m painfully aware right now of why I stopped reading things like Glamour and Marie Claire. I purchased the January issues of both (Natalie Portman was on the cover of Marie Claire, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes called to me from the cover of Glamour) and was saddened by the lack of useful fashion and cosmetic information because too much space was given to articles such as “50 sex and Body questions”. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t need or want to read a magazine to learn new and exciting things about sex. My theory is that there are better ways to get to that information.

If money were no object and I could have any wedding coordinator I wanted, Tim Gunn would be my first choice.

From now on I’ll be sticking faithfully to my Vogue, InStyle, and Lucky, however I did glean this happy little Tim Gunn quote for a little Q&A piece he’s apparently doing for Marie Claire… read and enjoy…

The question… “How short can a skirt be and still qualify as work appropriate? Do opaque tights make a difference?”

Tim’s answer… “My inclination is to ask, “Well, what sort of work is it that you do?” But I’m being facetious. If you’re under 35 and have great legs, you can venture up to 2 inches above the top of your kneecap. If you’re more mature- regardless of your great legs- then the hem can range anywhere from the top to the bottom of your kneecap. Under no circumstances should your skirt be higher than that- unless you’re in an occupational costume. And under no circumstances should a skirt be longer than that, unless you’re going for the matronly look. As for opaque tights, I love them but they do not excuse a too-short skirt.”