Back to the glitter today! Our theme at work today is candy cane… I figure just about everyone else is going to do stripes of some sort, and so I wanted to do something that was just candy cane inspired instead of looking like a candy cane vomited on my face. =)  I’ve been fortunate in being given a LOT of glitter to try (thanks to which has really come in handy with all of these themes. I have a whole lot of pictures to up date with when I do my official glitter review. I’m really excited about it!

Also, starting in the new year, I’m going to be accompanying posts like this one with a face chart sketch of color placement so you can follow along if you’d like! My good friend Gabe, who’s an amazing artist, is designing the face charts for me, and as soon as they’re done, I’ll fill them out and scan them in to my posts so that it’s an easy step-by-step guide. I’ve thought about doing video tutorials, but the truth is there are 10 million make up video tutorials and it’s more of a commitment to just the makeup than I’m willing to make, plus, I enjoy using face charts, so there.

I’m not going to go into -extreme- detail about what I used for this, but I do want to mention a couple of specific products because I used them together for the first time this morning and I absolutely loved the end result.

Posie Tint by Benefit Cosmetics (you can use it on your lips too!)

If you’ve never used Benefit Cosmetics get yourself to one of their counters, a Sephora, or their website and check out Posie Tint and the box powder blush in Thrrrob. I love a soft pink cheek on just about all skin tones, and these two products create the perfect kind of heart-fluttering-flush. Don’t be scared of the Posie tint just because it’s a cheek stain. It’s extremely easy to work with and the beautiful part of a cheek stain is that you can see skin through it and it looks like a natural flush. A little of the Thrrrob right on top just gives it an extra kiss of color that brightens up the entire face. Also awesome, it’s totally appropriate for

Thrrrob by Benefit Cosmetics

any age because it’s not a hot pink streak, it’s a soft, youthful, glow!  You can’t go wrong with these two, but if you have doubts, just try one or the other. =)

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope the next several days bring you joy more than anything!

(small edit: I just wanted to say that hopefully in the new year I’ll also have use of a something besides just a webcam so that I can take some decent pictures for these things so that you can get a little more up close and personal with the makeup. I realize the picture quality at the moment is not what it could be, but all in good time!)