I didn’t get up at 5am today, but I have  a good reason. Tonight I have to work until midnight and I figured I could use a couple extra hours of sleep. Have no fear, my pilates workout is done and I’m writing this in a state of noodle-like relaxation. =)

After I finish this update I’m going to do some chores and then start getting ready for work. Today our theme is “lump of cole”, which translates in makeup-speak to “the smokey eye”.  My plan is to do the blackest, smokiest, smokey eye I’ve ever done. I fell asleep last night concocting the very most perfect black smokey eye recipe on the planet. Yes. The planet. And I think this smokey eye will actually be done without loose glitter (GASP!!). Which will mark the first eye look I’ve done for work in over 3 months that doesn’t involve glitter. This make put a dent in makeup history… ok maybe not, but at least it will be something different for me.

I’ve done a lot of different things with my eyes over the last 2 years that I’ve been working in makeup professionally, and for the longest time I felt as though something was missing… that was before I wore fake lashes. I was scared to death of them honestly, because I’m one of those people who wont do something unless I know I can do it right. And by right I mean as near to perfect as possible. I wouldn’t be able to live with it unless I could get the lash to look like it was a natural part of my lid… even if it was hot pink and an inch long. That being said, when I finally came to terns with the fact that all of my over-the-top glitter and color looked lopsided without huge lashes to balance them out, I put a great deal of time and practice into getting it right.

When I first started wearing them, I would spend a good 15-20 minutes with them, sometimes taking them off and starting over to get them just right. As close as humanly possible to the lash line in order that there not be any gap where one could differentiate the false lash from the natural one. I would wear them a couple days a week and get used to the way it felt to have a lash on (that’s a lot of work all on it’s own!). These days, I wear lashes pretty much every day that I work, and it takes me about 15 seconds on each side to apply them and I’m obsessed.

I feel like I treat work makeup like I’m dressing for stage (hehehehe) every day, and everything I put on is a costume (double hehehehe). The more showy it is, the more I love it. And I’ve found myself obsessed with false lashes. It started out with a pair that just made my natural lash look bigger, and now I’m not satisfied unless they are big, full, and fit for a drag queen.

Having become unsatisfied with the selection of lashes I have available to me, last night I went on a lash search and stumbled upon www.mydivascloset.com and their selection of lashes and… and… it takes my breath away just thinking of the possibilities and ideas these lashes inspire (http://www.mydivascloset.com/fakeeyelashes.html). I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these lashes. Not only are they fabulous and unlike any lashes I’ve seen yet, they’re also affordable!