No bad dreams, no dreams at all, now that I think of it! I managed, without too much pain or resistance, to get up at 5. I made a quick run for the coffee pot and then changed from jammies to workout gear and right into the Winsor Pilates bun & thigh sculpting workout I went!

My buns and thighs are still protesting and I’ve been done for 20 minutes, but for the most part it’s a really good feeling. My muscles feel awake and I feel ready to eat this pear and slap on some ridiculously sparkly makeup.

Mari Winsor, the pilates queen.

About a year ago I was doing the really long, torturous, Winsor Pilates disc, and honestly it was good stuff, but it was really long… so this time around I’m going to switch off everyday with the abs and buns. Having done Winsor Pilates on a daily basis before I was kind of dreading having to listen to Mari tell me passionately to “tweeze my buttox” from her comfortable standing position, but this morning I actually found her to be a good cheerleader and kind of comforting. Go figure.