I tried to go to bed a little earlier and it didn’t work out very well. I blame too much sleep last night (alright, I probably needed the extra rest what with the way my schedule’s been lately) and the fact that last night I had a very bizarre dream that has me a little anxious about falling asleep.  When I get sleepy enough I’ll fall asleep, but I don’t want to lay here staring at the ceiling thinking about scary dream stuff, so instead I am going to write about my plan for tomorrow and hope that having documented it here will help keep me accountable.

So exercise is one of those things I really love in life. I like working hard, I like setting goals for myself, and honestly I can get a little obsessive about it. I feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually, when I’ve taken time to exercise, and I get the most benefit from working out outside. This year I’ve really done a poor job of making sure I set aside the time to do physical things. I’ve worked a lot more this year than I have in the past several and finding balance is rough, but I’m determined that it can be done.

I’m a sort of morning person. I’m not perky in the morning the way some people are, but I am able to get up and get things accomplished. I can function in the morning and so I’ve decided to find my time early in the morning. The fact that it’s winter and I freeze means that I can’t go outside to workout early in the morning, so instead I’ll be doing my favorite alternative, mat pilates work. In order for me to get this done before I go to work (at 8am) I’m going to have to get up at 5. Which means that sitting here writing this post is actually pretty counter productive, I should be sleeping.

Anyway… I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow morning, and I’m going to try to keep myself going by updating about how it’s going here… have no fear. This is not going to turn into a diet and exercise blog, trust me. I can faithfully promise that there are forces at work that would completely prohibit the use of this blog for obsessive diet and exercising logs.