For some reason or another working in retail this holiday season is feels harder than it did last year. Perhaps it’s because the “new” has officially and utterly worn off. Last year was my very first experience working in retail during the holidays and while it was exhausting, it was kind of exciting at the same time. Seeing things get busier and people rushing around felt kind of like an adventure, not so much so this year. This year I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s really kind of sad that retail has brought us to this, it means that people who work in retail don’t really have the opportunity to be rested enough to actually enjoy their holiday.

Oh well, on to other, more positive things. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to a fellow artist for a while and she gave me information for her facebook and to another artists as well. Both ladies do beautiful work and so I thought I’d feature them here, because I like supporting other local artists.

Ellie Vixie –

And Maris Malone-

Amazing artists, both of them.

I’ve been running an informal poll with the guys I know… I got curious about what men think about makeup, what is too much, when it’s appropriate, those sort of things. I hear a lot of younger guys saying that they like the “natural” look, and I think in most cases they’re under the misguided impression that that means barely any makeup, when in reality it takes quite a bit of time and product to achieve that no makeup look. Although, given that younger girls often don’t have the time or patience to achieve the no make up “look” using makeup, I suppose no make, would be a good alternative to poorly done makeup, and thus they actually could be meaning they prefer a bare face.

It seems that the men I know have a little bit of a different take. So far, of all the ones I’ve polled (ok, so it’s only 3) it seems that, while they don’t want a girl to be painted like a clown, they can approve of a girl being made up when it’s appropriate.  It seems that, in general, guys over the age of 30 feel like you should wear the coordinating face with the type of outfit. If you’re being casual less to no makeup is appropriate, if you’re dressing up, more is alright, but don’t expect to be kissed in that situation. Interesting stuff.

Tonight I’m going to Christmas communion and I’m searching for something to wear with these lovely shoes. I love them from the bottom of my heart and I want to wear them now that it’s not raining and I’m not afraid of staining the satin, but I wear so much black that I’m not even sure where to start. They’re so pretty though they absolutely have to be worn. This will be, no doubt the highlight of my week, as at work I have to wear all manner of ridiculous stuff this week, so I want to make this outfit a good one. This means that I’ll no doubt spend hours digging through my closets and ending up in a heap before I decide on something. I have to run to the store at some point for hose too, somehow I’m short a pair of nude ones.

I’m sorry this post is so random and not really put together well. I’m a mess at the moment, I feel so completely scattered. Thank God it’s Friday.