The last week or so I’ve been exhausted, the Christmas rush just keeps building up steam and by the end of the day I just want to pass out. BUT for the last week instead of just passing out, I’ve been poking holes in my fingers sewing sequins onto a stocking for work. The over-achieving/highly competitive side of me bit off more than she could chew and decided that the best idea for the stocking contest at work would be to hand sew individual sequins onto my stocking. This is the least awesome idea I’ve had in quite a long time.

Having finally finished my stocking I can think of something else for a while, and the thing that’s on my mind right now is gift giving. Mostly because I have zero Christmas shopping done, and am dealing with Christmas shoppers all day everyday.

In your shopping frenzy, take a few minutes to consider the people assisting you! I know that this time of year can be really frustrating, you probably have a million gifts to buy and not a million bucks to spend on them, but please remember the little blonde girl looking at you is only there to help, when she’s telling you where the sale items are, she’s only doing her job, and when she’s offering you samples, it’s only because she wants you to have something for yourself as well.  OK, I can’t promise that every sales person has those motives, but, if only for my benefit, please assume that they all do and just be nice.  =)