In the wake of New Moon, and being out until 3am last night, I don’t really have anything of much value to say this evening. I just can’t seem to be ready to fall asleep yet, so this is just me killing time.

I’ve almost got my voice back, which is extremely helpful, and my nose is almost done being red. I’m extremely happy about that, red is not a good color on anything but my lips.

Today I was lucky enough to be a model for my friend/stylist Sandi! I spent 3 hours in the cutest little salon you’ve ever seen being pampered, high-lighted, and cut. Sandi always does an amazing job with my hair, and today we tried some new things an absolutely love it. Changing up my hair always makes me feel brand new all over… it also instantly makes me feel like I need to completely change the color palette I’ve been drawing inspiration from for my makeup and the style of clothes I’ve been wearing. This usually means a shopping binge of some sort, but I’m going to do my best to resist the urge to splurge this time. Besides, I’m fairly certain that in addition to the changes today, we’re going to be adding some purple to my hair in the near future which will mean changing things up all over again.

I suppose at this point I really should go to bed. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen, sleep tight. =)

Me..almost recovered from a cold, but still red enough to make a black and white photo a necessity