a-line skirt


Today I’m going in search of skirts similar to this one. You can wish me luck because I’ve been on the look out for skirts like this for a month now and have somehow been unsuccessful with finding decent ones.  Hopefully today will be the exception to that rule and I will have mad success, because I’m also looking for a decent pair of jeans.

Jeans shopping can only really mean one thing for me… a bad mood based on the fact no matter what I find it will be too long, thus making it necessary to hem, which means frustration and changing the shape of the jeans which just pisses me off most of the time.

Luckily, on that note, a co-worker of mine showed me a trick for hemming ones own jeans and keeping the original cuff, which tends to help make them look less i-cut-these-off-and-sewed-them-up-cause-i’m-a-shorty (and not the ghetto cool kind).  So thats a test I’ll be running and documenting in the near future.

Today’s going to be a no makeup day! This is particularly important for me right now because, with the on-coming holidays, my glitter load at work has doubled…maybe even tripled, which is rough on a girls face (I’ll be doing an update a little later today about loose glitters actually).  I’m taking every chance I get just to let my skin breathe. Yesterday while I was getting my hair done, my stylist told me she washed a lot of glitter out of my hair… and then said she was pretty sure every time she washes my hair she washes out glitter. =)