Katie and Edward Cullen

Tonight I will be joining, no doubt, thousands of other swooning fans, for the midnight premier of New Moon, the second edition in the Twilight saga.  I resisted the mass obsession at first, but in all honesty my resistance really was futile. All it took was seeing the first film with my sisters to get me interested enough to read the books… and once you’ve read them, it’s all over.

I’m 28 (…nearly 29 shhhhhhh!) and while indulging in teen fiction is hardly a hobby of mine, I’m not the first, or the last adult to jump on the band wagon. In fact, of all the people I personally know who are into Twilight, the vast majority of them are adult women. Successful, hard-working, mothers, wives, business women.  I consider myself in good company, really.

There’s just something about this story that speaks to women in general and instead of putting a great deal of effort into trying to explain what that thing is, I’ve created a list of the top 10 reasons I feel it’s OK to indulge in Twilight. Read on…

10.) You can’t get pregnant reading a book.

9.) While a fictional character can be unrealistic, with so many less than awesome guys out there (trust me, I’ve met half of them), I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a character that leads girls to set their standards a little higher, just so long as you don’t expect to actually find a sparkly vampire.

8.) Diamonds sparkle in the sunlight but sparkly vampires are much cheaper!

7.) It’s a good and humbling experience to be taken back to your first love, because every one of us was Bella Swan at one point.

6.) If you’re going to have something in common with hoards of teenagers, a novel sounds much better than Zac Effron.

5.)  Low-level drama means easy reading and stress relief.

4.) The books are long and holding them for hours at a time is a good arm work out.

3.)  Twilight can be used as an easy method to resolve conflict in the work place. ” You may have stolen my sandwich from the fridge, but I know we’re both on Team Edward, so I can let it go.”

2.) One day your grand-daughters will thank you for saving them all of the cool memorabilia.

1.) Edward Cullen is completely calorie-free.