I’ve decided that I need to invest in a camera that will take better pictures than my webcam does… it just doesn’t quite get the job done. There is, however, a list of things I have to get (including a car) before I have the extra cash for throwing at a camera, so for now webcam it is!

So yesterday I attempted to do the black and sliver smokey eye again… when I say attempted I mean attempted to do it as per the instructions I was given by the people who make those decisions at my job. It was really kind of complicated in a not cool kind of way, so I had to tweak it to get it to work right.

Photo 727 I’m going to leave out my complexion makeup on this one and go straight into what I’m using for eyes.

I started with Benefit Creasesless Cream Shadow in Tattle Tale, then I lined with Make Up Forever Aqua Black waterproof cream shadow, then I also contoured with the same product. Over the contour I blended Smashbox shadow in Midnight (it’s a matte black), sprayed the entire eye with Make Up Forever Mist ‘n’ Fix, pressed silver Make Up Forever glitter #2 onto the lid and last false lashes from Ardell!

So there you have it. It was a lot prettier in person… as is usually the case, but oh well. Eventually I’ll get the whole camera thing figured out and who knows, eventually I may jump on the band wagon and start doing video tutorials. =)