Caudalie Gentle Cleanser

I recently decided to switch cleansers. When I was younger I never really used much outside of soap and water… and was lucky because I never really had skin problems. No major acne problems. As I’ve gotten older, however, and have started wearing make as a profession, which means wearing lots of it, I’ve come to understand the benefits of using nice products on my skin.  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “sensitive” skin type, I’ve never broken out due to makeup or anything like that, but I do have a tendency to turn red if the ingredients in my skin care are too harsh.

The trouble that I’ve been having lately is little hormonal breakouts and just generally feeling like my cleanser was either too strong and drying out my skin, or that it wasn’t working well enough and I wasn’t seeing any difference at all. This is when my good friend introduced me to Caudalie.

I could go on and on about Caudalie’s history but the quick version is that they’re a natural line developed in france focusing on grape seed and the antioxidant protection it provides the skin. Check it out online at http://caudalie-usa.com/?gclid=CMLYkPD_g54CFVhJ2god3Bc1pw for lots of info on the line.

I’ve been using the Gentle Cleanser for a week and a half now and my skin looks great, so great that people keep telling me it looks great, and as much as I’d like to blame it on my skills as a makeup artist, the truth is I’m wearing the same makeup I have been for months and no one’s said anything about it. My skin feels baby soft after I’ve cleansed with the Caudalie Gentle Cleanser, it feels clean, but not tight, definitely not dry either! An added bonus; it takes off makeup! I love the cleanser so much that I started using some of their other skin care products as well. They have a line that addresses first signs of aging, which is perfect for me because I’m 28, and while I can tell I have a few lines here and there starting to pop up, and would love to start piling on the anti-aging products, the truth is my skin can’t handle it yet. So the products intended for first signs of aging are perfect for my needs.  I definitely recommend checking them out and trying samples of their products. My skin looks radiant and smooth. I’m really impressed with the line, especially since it’s natural. No parabens, no sulfates, all grapey goodness!