I feel kind of like the door to the blog is creaking a little… I didn’t mean to take such a long blog nap. October was a little bit of a mess if I’m being 100% honest. Death in the family, the usual chaos, plus Halloween in a makeup store, leaves not much time for blogging.

In retail land we find the holidays are already upon us… christmas music and all, so November promises to be pretty busy as well, but I think I’ll probably have some time to write, so hopefully you’ll see something more interesting from me than just a status update in the near future.

Until then, here’s a look at some of what I did during the Halloween season. =)


Photo 635

The week of Halloween we dressed up everyday... on this day I was a fairy.

Photo 656

In this photo I was Envy

Photo 680

vampire doll

Photo 717

... and this one's just kind of cool