I taught a class last Sunday about makeup for Fall and it’s relation to Fall fashion. I did a whole lot of research for the class and got really excited about Fall, but then I remember that I live in Texas. It’s really disappointing that I live in a state where Fall doesn’t exist and I have to miss all of the great weather for wearing light coats and leggings. I have to wait for full on winter, and even then I have a small window of time to fit in all of the lovely Fall styles I want to try.

According to Elle magazine, the top 10 fashion trends for this Fall are as follows:

  1. 80’s- esque mini dresses with puff sleeves and brightly colored velvet a la Mark Jacobs style.
  2. The “cocoon coat”… which I’ll have to address in a minute.
  3. Layers and Layers of dark grays
  4. Exotic looking furs
  5. Hats
  6. Neon and really bright pinks
  7. Shoulder cut-outs
  8. Dresses and coats in chartreuse
  9. Mixing glitter, shimmery, pieces in with your day-time ensemble
  10. Thigh high boots.

I’m not going to bother commenting on every single one of these, but there are a few that I have some thoughts on that I’d like to share.

First, lets talk about this cocoon coat. If someone understands what purpose these coats are supposed to serve, please feel free to share you higher understanding with me please, because I don’t get it. I realize that not all fashion has to be practical, but I can’t find a reason why these coats should be in the top 10. acne jeans cocoon coat Granted, I’ve been told I have no real idea what it means to be cold, but I don’t see how this coat could possibly keep anyone warm and it certainly does nothing for a girls figure. So where exactly is the appeal in this trash bag couture?

Moving on we have the fur. I don’t feel like it’s really necessary to spend a -long- time talking about this, but it just seems a little bit ridiculous that at this point in history we’re going to go back to using real fur. It just baffles me.  michael-kors-runway-0609-de-91174744

Michael Kors seems to be at the center of all of this fur fashion.  Everything I’ve seen of his is really extravagant and most of it includes dyed furs. I don’t have a problem with using animal hair when you don’t have to kill the animal involved to get it, but I’m pretty sure the previous owner of that coat couldn’t live without that much of his or her fur.

The last item on the top 10 I’m going to talk about is more a personal bitterness that a legitimate critique. Thigh high boots… who, besides runway models, has long enough legs to wear them? Okay, so probably lots of people, but for the thigh-high-boots-3sake of making myself feel better, I’m going to address the group of us for which wearing these boots is an impossibility. Being 5 ft tall I can assure you that if I tried wearing these it would be a disaster. The boots are actually  longer than my legs! Unless someone can point me in the direction of a custom boot maker, this is one trend I have no choice but to live without.

So even though I can’t really celebrate the Fall weather, and even though I can’t participate in all of this years Fall fashion trends, in honor of the season I’m snuggling on my couch with a pumpkin spice latte. Happy Fall everyone!

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I give you Big Top Cupcakes, enjoy!

Big Top Cupcakes